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        丹 佛 少 林 功 夫 太 极 拳 学 院 

Welcome to the Denver Shaolin Kung Fu Taiji Institute where you will learn the traditional Chinese Martial Arts (CMA). Master Head Instructor Sifu Tony Timmer learned overseas in Asia and in America and brings back his wealth of knowledge to the Denver Metro area. Sifu Tony has 40 years of CMA experience and has been teaching since 1984. His expertise and knowledge in Shaolinquan, Taijiquan and Southern Styles are unrivaled in the Rocky Mountain Region.

We are also proud to be recognized by the Shaolin Temple and the Shaolin Temple

Cultural Center USA (located in Los Angelese, CA) as a authentic shaolinquan school

teaching shaolin kung fu and associated Shaolin Culture and Chan Culture.

We are also very proud to have Shaolin Temple Cultural Center USA Director

Master Shi Yanxu as our official guest master instructor, welcome anytime at

our school.  Check out our school photos on shaolin temple's official website


We would like to thank Shaolin Temple Cultural Center USA - Director Shaolin monk Master Shi Yanxu for coming to our school on June 21st for a special 6 hr seminar.


What can you learn at the Denver Shaolin Kung Fu Taiji Institute:

Shaolinquan - This is traditional REAL shaolin kung fu....go ahead youtube some shaolinquan forms and check out our school, you'll see us doing that same style. Why because Sifu Tony was taught by Shaolin monks and other Asian masters.  

Nanquan - Southern Kung Fu - Wing Chun, Hung Gar and Lung Ying Pai. Sifu Tony was taught these styles from 3 different Hong Kong masters.

Taijiquan - Tai Chi - We teach Yang style Taiji, Sifu Tony learnt his taiji from Dr Ye Ruichun, who is a world reknown master of taiji.  Dr Ye learned his taiji from his grandfather who learned from Yang Banhou and Yang Jianhou, 2 of the 3 sons of Yang Luchan the founder of Yang style taiji.  Sifu Tony is Dr Ye's first student/senior student in America.

Wushu - Changquan - Contemporary Long Fist - This is the martial art of modern China. Sifu Tony learnt from the probable first real master of wushu in America, Grandmaster Nick Gracenin. Plus he has learnt from various other masters throughout the time he has studied.

Why study Chinese Martial Arts?

#1 - Health. Many people think of martial arts as self defense training and fighting and maybe some exotic weapons training. Yes it is some of that. However martial arts is so much more. We hopefully will never fight in our life, but we DO live day to day and health is an integral part of getting through that day to day grind. The Kung Fu or Taiji that you learn at the Denver Shaolin Kung Fu Taiji Institute (DSTJI) is an incredible healthy exercise from the inside out as we train your qi (life force) to become stronger and more vibrant. We use health everyday in our life. This is the great value we get from CMA.

#2 - Self Defense. We hope you never have to use self defense as an option to get out of a situation, but you may have to and the DSTJI prepares you for REAL combat. We have a saying when doing our drills, "Practice lazy, become lazy. Practice strong and become strong." We are always pushing our students to do better, this is a Buddhist way of being that we get from our Shaolinquan, but it can reflect in our daily life too. But in the end it can/will reflect in your ability to defend yourself. Shaolinquan is the original Asian Martial Art, the grand daddy of them all, there is a saying "all martial arts come from Shaolin". Here at DSTJI you are learning the real thing. Throughout the tumultuous 1500+ years history of the Shaolin Temple, there has been many wars and the Shaolin Temple monks had to defend themselves from outside forces, thus the shaolinquan became a real serious self defense style.

#3 - Interesting. Note we did not say fun. Kung Fu training should not be fun. If so it isn't original shaolinquan training and you should look to train elsewhere. With that said it is HIGHLY interesting and enjoyable. OK, our kids class sometimes we DO have fun, but not that often :-) Also with the shaolinquan or taijiquan curriculum being so rich with numerous forms and exercises it definitely is not BORING. Sifu Tony is a very nice guy, he generally has a smile on his face and is quite pleasant, but he is serious about the training you receive and his standards are world class. His sincerity to his students is un paralleled. The training atmosphere of the school is nice and social but not fun. Students come in to work out and that's what they do, but they do enjoy each others company and there are no ATTITUDES. You can leave those at the health clubs or other martial art schools.

Why study with DSTJI?

#1 Authenticity - This is where the rubber hits the road. Sifu Tony trained overseas and learnt from some of the most highly regarded masters including Shaolin Monks. His knowledge of CMA is first rate and highly unrivaled here in the Region. In fact just last year (2013) the Shaolin Temple came to Los Angeles to put on the FIRST ever Shaolinquan Kung Fu Tournament. Only Shaolin Monks were judges for the shaolinquan divisions. But Sifu Tony was invited to be a judge at this event, the only non monk (and westerner) in the shaolinquan division. His students won Gold Medals in every division they entered. Shaolinquan, Wushu, and Taiji. In fact one of his students, Joshua Keiser was the most decorated competitor at the tournament with over 1000 competitors, winning 4 Gold Medals. Check out Joshua competing last year at that very tournament: http://youtu.be/DeQhinkXkRo.  Sifu Tony also won a special award from the Shaolin Temple Abbott in his efforts to promote Shaolinquan and CMA in America.

#2 Schedule - We have morning, afternoon, evening classes and Saturday morning classes. There is hardly no way our schedule cant fit yours. Plus the individual one on one training that Sifu Tony gives makes sure YOU get the CMA education you are looking to get.

#3 Fees - Our fee structure is very fair, some people claim it is too inexpenisve. But Sifu Tony in keeping with his Buddhist manner wants as many people as possible benefit from the Kung Fu that he teaches. Also your first class is a free trial class. So come on in. Give us a call 720-732-7697 or email at tonytimmer@denvershaolintaiji.com

#4 The Teacher - Sifu Tony Timmer has studied Traditional Chinese Martial Arts since 1975. He has studied overseas and fought overseas in full contact competitions. His experiences in the past 40 years has made him a true master of Chinese Martial Arts.  His students compete all over the US and Sifu Tony sponsors the Denver National Chinese Martial Art Championship for the last 4 years.  Here is the link to that competition: http://www.denverkungfuchampionship.com/home.html 

We are located at 15230 E Hampden Ave. in Aurora, we are at the SW corner of Hampden and Chambers St. The same mall as the Vitamin Cottage is in. We are directly to the Right Side of the 7-11, we face Chambers. Our phone number is 720-732-7697 Email is tonytimmer@denvershaolintaiji.com